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New Jersey Casino List is the best online destination for finding top casinos in the state of New Jersey. We provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of operators for players of all levels. We also provide star ratings and reviews so that you can be sure you pick the perfect operator for your needs. Check out our top casinos below and access the best and latest offers available today.

Golden Nugget Casino

$10 free play & 100% up to $1000

Use Exclusive Code: NJCL10

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888 Casino

Match Bonus up to $2,000 on your First Two Deposits

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Virgin Casino

$20 free play & up to $100 real cash back

Use Exclusive Code: FUEL20

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Tropicana Casino

$20 free play & up to $100 real cash back

Use Exclusive Code: FUEL20

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Sugar House Online Casino

Deposit match of 100% up to $250

Use Exclusive Code: FUELSPIN

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    Why New Jersey Casino List is different

    While there are plenty of betting sites out there that have their own unique deals, comparing all of them can be a really lengthy process. With so many sites out there, players and punters can spend hours playing games and placing bets, which equates to risking, and possibly losing, a lot of money before they know if a casino is actually the best option out there.

    That’s why we’ve created New Jersey Casino List, which brings you the very best casino sites and gaming deals on the internet, so that you don’t have to go through a costly and tedious process of finding the best value promotions on offer.

    New Jersey Casino List works hard to compare all casino sites and online gaming offers. Let our expert reviewers guide you to the most popular online casino sites, which offer the best games, bonuses and ongoing promotions.

    By doing the comparison for you, and listing the very best sites in all one place, we save you time. Casino sites are assessed and assigned star ratings and reviews to give you an unbiased and well-rounded understanding of the best sites to play.

    What to consider when choosing an online casino

    When it comes to choosing an online casino, there are a few things to consider before you actually start playing.

    To get the best experience, the first thing you should aim to do is look for the best online offers. The vast majority of online casinos will have a range of offers and promos available, and sometimes it will be necessary to sift through a lot before you get to the ones that are the best.

    Every player is different, and a casino that’s a great fit for you, might not be right for someone else. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

    To find the right online casino for you, consider these six aspects below.

    1. What games do you like to play?

    Different online casinos have different ways of interacting with players, so you’ll want to look for a style of online casino that appeals to your personality and style

    You also need to consider what kind of games you like to play – but if you’ve been gambling for awhile, you might already have a strong idea of the kinds of games you prefer.

    Maybe you’re more into slots than you are into blackjack – in that case, you’ll want to play with an online casino that has a good selection of slot games on offer. Slot games like Netent, Pragmatic, Play, Play’n Go Slots and Thunderkick are a good place to start.

    If you’re into blackjack, then you might want to ensure the online casino you play with has live casino dealer games.

    If you’re into games that operate at a faster pace, then you could consider a live table game like roulette which can be really fun to participate in.

    2. When does the casino payout?

    For serious players, knowing when the casino pays out is a must. While same day payouts are a necessity for some, waiting a few days may be fast enough for others.

    3. What sort of bonuses do they have on offer?

    Find out what bonuses they have on offer, like free spins, free play, welcome bonuses etc. Some sites may also offer bonuses and promotions like holidays, weekend breaks and cars. Consider your options, especially if you like to win something different from time to time.

    4. Have you looked at their ratings and reviews?

    To find the best online casinos and deals on offer, you should make sure you compare all ratings and reviews. Independent ratings and reviews are often all that matters when separating the best online casinos from the worst.

    That’s why New Jersey Casino List has done the hard yards for you to provide you with the most up-to-date and attractive promos on offer so that you don’t waste time researching, and can start playing with confidence.

    5. What medium do you like to play on?

    Some online casinos will only offer flash play, while others offer downloadable casino lobbies so that you don’t always need an internet connection to play.

    Other online casinos offer apps so that you can play while you’re on the go. It really depends on what suits you and your lifestyle.

    6. Do they have a variety of games on offer?

    Some of the best online casinos have plenty of top-quality games on offer. They will usually have a collection that boasts hundreds of diverse titles that cover all genres and tastes. This will help to keep players entertained and engaged.

    Why choose New Jersey Casino List to find the best online casinos and deals?

    At the end of the day, we only provide the most reliable and reputable New Jersey online casinos. We’re a team of expert players, bringing only the best to our fellow gamers. We not only bring you casinos with the best deals, but also provide casinos which have been star rated and reviewed to meet your gaming needs.

    Since we provide this transparency, as well as high quality recommendations, you can easily make a choice. We cater to all kinds of gamers, whether you like to pay casually or frequently, we only list online casinos with the most efficient systems, best customer service, the best graphics and security available. We also only list casinos that follow New Jersey’s online gambling rules, regulations and laws.

    We also list a number of NetEnt and Microgaming casinos which allow players to access games from a variety of mobile and hand-held devices, like cell phones and tablets – making your gaming experience as accessible as possible.

    How you can nab the latest and greatest online casino promotions

    If you love the thrill that comes along with online gaming but don’t have the time to go to a real casino, then an online casino is definitely for you. There are thousands of websites out there that offer online casino services, which means there’s a huge array of options for gamers. The downside is that beginners might not know where to start.

    While choosing the right online casino can lead to hefty wins and hours of fun, choosing the wrong one could seriously burn a hole in your pocket – that’s why at New Jersey Casino List, we only promote the best.

    Whether it’s online slots, live card games or Pai Gow, we collate the best deals from all the major online casinos – so if you want to nab the most up to date promotions and deals on offer, you should check back regularly.

    What types of online casinos are out there?

    There’s basically two types out there – instant play casinos, accessed via an internet browser, and mobile casinos, that are accessed via apps. Let’s dive in to find out about the difference between the two.

    What is an instant play casino?

    You don’t need to download any applications or software to your computer or laptop to access an instant play casino. However, some instant play casinos might require you to download their own software for client registration so you can play and make a wager on the games they’re offering.

    What is a mobile casino?

    Mobile casinos are usually run via apps on mobile and hand-held devices, making it super easy for keen gamers to play while on the move. A lot of the more advanced online casinos who might not have apps may have a mobile friendly version of their page so that you can still access their games via a smartphone or tablet.

    How secure are online casinos?

    At New Jersey Casino List we only ever list casinos with solid reputations when it comes to the best deals, customer service and security. While gaming on the internet can seem a little risky to novice online gamers, beginners and experts alike can rest assured that the credible online casinos that we list place a lot of emphasis on creating and maintaining secure gambling environments.

    It pays to know that online casinos are tightly controlled and New Jersey Casino List only lists the very best. Because of this, players have little cause for concern and can focus on selecting the casino that’s best for their wants and needs.

    How do online casinos work?

    Online casinos work off a random algorithm. This is usually done through Random Number Generators, also known as RNGs. RNGs are the basis of what makes an online casino fair and secure.

    Without RNGs, you have no other way to know if a game in an online casino is actually fair and square – this is important since online casinos use e-card decks and virtual slot reels. The RNG is what online casinos use to ensure the spin of the slot or the card dealt is based on chance and not susceptible to external interference.

    Additionally, the most reliable casinos out there will publicly provide punters with information about their Random Number Generators (RNGs).